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Car Cleaning Services

Looking for a professional car wash and car repair service in Chennai? Or need a car polish to bring back that showroom shine? Well, here we are!

Car Cleaning Chennai Pephex

Pephex providing quick and convenient services such as doorstep car wash, complete exterior and interior cleaning, car polish, maintenance repair services, engine oil change, minor repairs and many more. Unlike aggregators, we manage the services end to end and own complete responsibility and transparency. Ppehex services are quick, convenient, secure and economical.

  • Complete Car Exterior Cleaning
  • Car Exterior & Interior Deep Cleaning
  • Complete Car Cleaning, Wax & Polish
  • Car Cleaning, Polish & Protection
  • Car Clean, Polish, Protect & Prevent
  • Engine Oil & Oil Filter Replacement
  • Annual Maintenance Service
  • General Car Health Checkup

Hatchback / Mini

Exterior Cleaning Rs.500

  • Interior Cleaning Rs.800
  • Overall Package (Interior+Exterior) Rs.1200
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Exterior Cleaning Rs.600

  • Interior Cleaning Rs.900
  • Overall Package (Interior+Exterior) Rs.1350
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Exterior Cleaning Rs.775

  • Interior Cleaning Rs.1050
  • Overall Package (Interior+Exterior) Rs.1600
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