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Water tank cleaning service at Pephex is the most convenient way to get you sump and water tank cleaned at your comfort. We provide home water tank cleaning and sump cleaning with an aid of the best tank cleaning service providers in the city. We ensure to offer the expert tank cleaning solutions at an affordable cost.

Tank Cleaning Pephex

Cleaning the water tank becomes important as we use the same tank water for our domestic cleaning from washing, cooking, bathing and gardening. Water tank cleaning process is quite a tedious task as it involves the use of biochemicals and other water tank cleaning equipment. So it is always suggested to go for a professional help. With Pephex, you can avail the best water tank cleaning services in Chennai just at the tap of a button. Dedicated team works on the orders placed to ensure that your water tank cleaning service is completed on-time.

We take tank cleaning and sump cleaning requests for residential apartment buildings, schools, colleges & hospitals, hotels, restaurants and bars, industrial premises and agricultural sectors.

Tank Capacity in Litters Price In Rupees
Less than 750 L Rs.600
Less than 1,500 L Rs.750
Less than 3,000 L Rs.1,300
Less than 5,000 L Rs.1,700
Less than 10,000 L Rs.2,250

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