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Pephex is the complete catering solution for any of your family or corporate events like weddings, parties, get togethers, religious functions etc. We currently operate in Chennai and have plans for expanding soon to other major cities.

Pephex Catering Srvices

Pephex Catering Services is managed by a qualified & experienced people engaged in the business of luscious food processing and food preparation business. It caters many items comprising of North Indian, Chinese, Mexican, Rajasthani & Gujarati dishes, Chaat, Sweets, Desserts, Soups, Fruit Juices, Shakes etc. All these food items are prepared as per our own conventional customs and procedures keeping quality as the main centre.

  • Weddings and Betrothals :Traditional, Contemporary, Religion Specific Menus.
  • Parties: Annual Parties, Bachelor Parties, Themed Parties.
  • Corporate Events: Corporate Get Together, Luncheon, Annual Days.
  • Birthday Parties:  Traditional, Contemporary, Themed.
  • Auspicious Events:  Housewarming, Naming Ceremony, Sacred Events.

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