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Pephex Chennai
Pephex Chennai

Event Management Service

Throughout your event, from concept to completion, Pephex takes pride in providing expert and reliable assistance to ensure your vision is recognized, successfully and professionally.

Corporate events including meetings, conferences and seminars; concert sound, lighting and video systems; wedding experiences that will take your breath away; even birthday parties, and backyard movie nights can benefit from Pephex‘s professional, affordable audio, video and lighting services.

We can help you with the following services:

Type of Service Price In Rupees
Regular Rs.25,000
Moderate Rs.1,00,000
Hi-Tech Rs.2,50,000
Number of Balloons Price In Rupees
100-750 Rs.600 – 4,500
750-1000 Rs.4,100 – 5,500
1000-2000 Rs.5,000 – 10,000
Type of service Price In Rupees
Regular Rs.5,000
Moderate Rs.15,000
Hi-Tech Rs.25,000
Type of service Price Starts from
Regular Rs.25,000
Moderate Rs.75,000
Hi-Tech Rs.2,00,000
Service Price Starts from
Regular Rs.25,000
Moderate Rs.1,00,000
Hi-tech Rs.3,00,000

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